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About the Hosts

Tom Dexter

Tom Dexter's journey in the creative industries began in a working-class household in Milton Keynes, where early passions for storytelling and organising led him to pursue a career that intersects the realms of creativity and business, producing. Alongside making his own short films from the age of 12, in his teenage years, Tom was supported in making a short film with the BFI Film Academy Craft Skills Residential as well as having the opportunity to travel to China to shoot a short documentary film. After graduating with a high 2:1 in International Business Management from Cardiff University, his talents and commitment to filmmaking earned him a place as the youngest in his cohort to study the MA in Producing at the UK's National Film & Television School (NFTS), supported by a prestigious BAFTA scholarship.


Tom's professional career has since flourished, working in film production finance at senior debt lender, Head Gear Films, expanding his expertise across the UK film landscape, including legal processes, sales, acquisitions, development and production. Whilst also cultivating experience on set in such projects as 'Snow White (2025), The Crown (2023), Secret Invasion (2023) and Gangs of London (2021).


Currently, as a performance capture producer at Centroid Motion Capture, Tom Dexter applies his extensive knowledge and experience, working with major feature film productions, VFX studios and AAA video game companies. His personal work and professional journey can be explored at, showcasing a career built on a foundation of passion for storytelling and a keen understanding of the business side of the creative sector.

Danion Hughes

Danion Hughes works in the film and TV industry as a Supervising Location Manager with notable roles on productions like BBC 1's 'The Gold' and Disney+'s season 2 of 'Extraordinary'. His journey from a consultancy background to the vibrant world of filmmaking showcases a blend of sharp business acumen and creative insight, affirming that switching careers to film can lead to remarkable accomplishments. With a foundation in International Business Management and dual British/German heritage, Danion leverages his global perspective to adeptly select and manage locations, which are crucial for their storytelling and visual impact.

A key aspect of Danion's insight as a host on Filmmaking Framed lies in his deep knowledge of the intricate dynamics between various crews on set. This expertise allows him to understand and convey how each department's contributions come together to bring a film to life. Danion's ability to navigate and unite the complex web of creative and logistical teams underscores the importance of teamwork in filmmaking. He has a deep knowledge of the joint effort between location management, camera crews, sound teams, and beyond and how this not only enhances a project's narrative and visual storytelling but serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit of film production. This perspective is invaluable for listeners aspiring to enter or navigate the film industry, offering them a comprehensive view of the essential roles and how they interconnect to achieve cinematic excellence.

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